Configuring an Image+ TV

Image+ gives developers more control over the final size and ratio of images users can select. When setting up an Image+ TV, there are several configuration options available.

Size Constraints

Images can be constrained by either width, height, or both width & height at the same time. Enter a pixel value in either the width or height field and the crop area will be forced to be at least that width.

If both height & width are specified, the crop area is forced to the ratio of those values, meaning the user cannot select an incorrectly sized image, meaning no more broken layouts!

Alt text field

Images can also be given an 'alt text' field, which is an additional piece of text stored with each image that can be output alongside as an alt-tag or title text

In order to view the alt text on a page, you will need to use either the Chunk or Snippet output options.

Allow Empty

If 'Allow Empty' is set to 'No', then a user will not be able to save a resource until they have selected an image and cropped it.

See output options for more details.